First Environmental High-Fives of 2020

This is going to be the year, no scratch that, decade for real environmental change! I can feel it! Maybe it’s the people I surround myself with that makes me so optimistic about the future, but I don’t think so. Every week I hear someone knew saying they trying to reduce their dependency on plastic…


5 “Forks Over Knives” Recipes and My Honest Review

You may have heard of or even watched the 2011 documentary, Forks Over Knives, a film about the disease-reversing qualities of a plant-based diet. The documentary was a hit and ignited change in many people. It’s been credited by many as the documentary that made them choose a vegan lifestyle.

Picture of a colorful bowl of vegetables showing how delicious a plant-forward diet can be

Can This Diet be the Answer to Preventing Disease?

I was having a conversation the other day about fad diets like Atkins, Paleo, and Keto that claim they closely resemble the diets of our Stone Age ancestors. The creed by which these diets are structured leads us to believe that our cave-people ancestors dined on filet mignon by the glow of the campfire every…

How Harley Davidson Riders Are Making Kids Smile

How are you recovering from all the food, spirits and family from yesterday?   Will you be continuing festivities with shopping today?   If so, check out my interview with m+a naturals first and consider supporting a small, organic skincare company. If something more luxury is on your list, maybe check out Prada.  Keep reading to understand…