#1 Gift for Mom, and Mother Earth!

Fly on a Dime – Mothers’s Day Edition

If you are anything like me, you plan your outfit’s in advance of major holidays and events; heck even catastrophes. (As I type this, I am planning my outfit for the zombie apocalypse! The slayage has to be real at ALL moments…hahaha) 

But seriously, if there was one event that gets me the most excited, it’s hands down Mother’s Day!  This time of the year spring is in full effect, which means great weather, bottomless mimosas, brunches, flowers, parties, gifts…..and the perfect “fly fit” for the day! As a mom, having the perfect look can really make you feel and look great for your, or your Mom’s, special day.

The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune. Listen, you can be the belle of the ball for under $40!  Who doesn’t want that? I know I do!

Mother’s Day Thrifting

You can find some amazing, fly pieces for a fraction of the price.  All it takes is some comfortable walking shoes, insight on good spots to source, and an open mind.  Not convinced yet, here are a few good reasons to consider thrifting:

  1. Saves Money – Thrifted clothing is far more affordable than new clothes of like quality.
  2. Unique Pieces – It’s highly unlikely that anyone else is walking around in the same clothes as you!
  3. Creative Outlet – You might be inspired to try a new look or DIY inspiration!
  4. It’s “Green” – You are literally saving clothing from landfills, which increases the life cycle of the clothing and decreases manufacturing demands on new clothes that will most likely go to waste.

If you are planning a day out for your mom, you are a mom yourself, or both, I’ve put together a few ideas, all under $40 to get you inspired to shop secondhand:

Fly Inspiration

Mother's Day inspiration under $30

Outfit #1 – Vintage Silk 2 Piece set, thrifted $9.99, Necklace, thrifted $5.99, White Leather Mules $5.99, Sunglasses- Gucci*not thrifted

This outfit is so luxe and comfortable, yet so affordable! Great option for moms who want to be effortlessly fab!

Outfit Cost = $21.97

Outfit # 2 – Vintage Dress, thrifted $9.99, Suede Pumps $21.00, Sunglasses-Gucci*not thrifted, Earrings-From India*not thrifted

The color blocking makes this classic ensemble pop with a slight edge!

Outfit Cost = $30.99

Outfit # 3 – Vintage Chiffon Ruffle Dress, thrifted $8, Leather Mules $20, Faux Wicker Bag $5.99

Feminine and flirty describes this look.

Outfit Cost – $33.99

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Fly Mother's Day Fashion

Outfit #4 – Straw hat, thrifted $5.99, Linen top , thrifted $5.99, High Waisted Jeans, thrifted $9.99, Faux Straw Ball Earrings $6.00

Great statement piece for lounging at the pool, beach or backyard BBQ.

Outfit Cost – $27.97

Feeling inspired?  Share your Fly On A Dime Fashion by using the hashtag, #flyfrugalista and show your #fly second hand finds on Instagram!

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