12 Shakes to Reduce Paper Towel Waste by 571 Million Pounds

The Problem

We waste a shit-ton of paper towels washing our hands. Yeah, you heard me, a SHIT-TON! In case you’re wondering, a shit-ton is the obscene equivalent to 13 billion pounds not paper towels used by Americans every year.

The good news is we can greatly reduce this number by 571 million pounds a year if we kept to just one sheet of paper towel.

I know what your thinking, “Paper towels are pitiful and inadequate. I could never use just one!” Be as it may, Joe Smith has a proven method, that is guaranteed to change the way you wash your hands, and cut down on waste.

Joe Smith: How to Use a Paper Towel

In Summary

It’s a simple method, that I can confirm works as advertised. Here’s what you do:

Shake – After washing shake your hands 12 times. Why 12? Twelve is a good number for a dozen reasons, but according to Joe, “Twelve apostles, twelve tribes, twelve zodiac signs, twelve months.”

Fold – Fold the towel in half. Joe emphasizes the importance to the fold. It makes the towel more substantial, and therefore, more effective when using less.

So, there you go. Watch the video, Shake and Fold, and save the environment. Who knew it could be that easy?


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