12 Sustainable-Chic Brands You Need to Know

Amare is excited to introduce Sustainable Fashion First Friday! A monthly event dedicated to sustainable fashion, skincare, supporting local retailers and more!

As the heart of Arizona-inspired shops, galleries and celebrated restaurants, old-town Scottsdale was really the only choice when deciding where to host first Friday. Even in the hot summer months locals and tourists alike stroll the streets of Scottsdale enjoying all the variety this city has to offer.

June 7th marked the first-time sustainability was at the forefront of the Scottsdale scene when over 100 people participated in eco-friendly workshops, wine tastings, and of course, shopping local and sustainably.

We are excited to introduce you to our talented, generous, and compassionate vendors.

Activ Intimates

Sustainable and local lingerie company

Local Scottsdale sisters, Laurie and CJ, founded Activ Intimates: an innovative and versatile lingerie brand. They believe in protecting our earth and strive to reduce their environmental footprint with each production. They also help women be effortlessly sexy.

Instagram: @activintimates

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Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Coffee Lab, founded by Jason and Amy Silberschlag, was created out of a personal interest in bringing the highest quality, single-origin coffee on the market to the desert. Their hip, bohemian coffee shops are ideal for coffee dates with your best girlfriends, work meetings, or reading a good book while sipping an espresso.

Instagram: @cartelcoffeelab

AZ Flower Bar

AZ Flower Bar owner, Megan Carollo, brilliantly designed a secret garden right in the heart of busy Scottsdale. Using seasonal and unique plants, AZ Flower Bar creates inspiring floral designs for the inspiring people in your life.

Instagram: @azflowerbar

Giving Bracelets

Sustainable company focused on giving a portion of their proceeds to CASA for Children

At first glance, Giving Bracelets is just another retail store, but then you learn giving back to the community is their real mission. Ethical-entrepreneur, Lesa Sawyer, started out making leather handbags. Striving to do more, Lesa realized she could reuse the leather scraps to make accessories, and also decided to give part of their profits to a good cause.

10% of their proceeds are donated to CASA for Children.

Instagram: @givingbracelets

m+a naturals

Some might say that m+a naturals started from a sad story, and maybe it did, but when founder Marisa Kompar tragically lost her husband in a fatal accident, she moved her boys back to Arizona and vowed to pursue something that brought health and happiness to her family and you.

m+a naturals makes natural skincare products from essential oils, minerals, and other ingredients from the earth. Their curated products will restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Instagram: @manaturalsco

Purelife Jewelry

Arizona local jewelry designer Purelife Jewelry

The amount of talent in Jenny Rodriguez is bigger than she is! Her handmade jewelry is built with integrity and carefully sourced materials.

Purelife uses only the finest materials that can be both dressed down or glammed up depending on the occasion. You can catch Jenny in action at her quaint studio in Tempe, AZ.

Instagram: @purelifejewelry


Sustainable Fashion online boutique

Of course someone with the name Eartha would be called to start a business designed help save our planet.

Eartha Hubble started her career in fashion and quickly realized the negative impact the industry had on the planet. Deciding she wanted to help people make better fashion decisions she started Revari: an online boutique that sells exclusively sustainable brands. And, don’t think just any “sustainable” brands gets a place on her rack. The brands she carries must pass the strict Eartha checklist!

Instagram: @shoprevari

Salvatore Vineyards

Arizona local winery Salvatore Vineyards

Who knew Arizona could produce award-winning wine? Well, it can and Salvatore Vineyards is racking up the medals to prove it.

You could say winemaker, Jason Domanico, has been in the wine business his whole life. He did after all follow in his grandfather’s winemaking footsteps. His passion for the industry and love for Arizona wine is evident in each flavorful glass. All their wines and chocolates are local to Arizona.

Instagram: @salvatore_vineyards

The Soteria Initiative

Sustainable fashion includes fair wages.  The Soteria Initiative creates jobs.

Rarely does the cause driving a business speak louder than the product, but The Soteria Initiative exists to end sex-trafficking and give purpose to its victims.

Sure, pennies stamped with words like ‘Brave’, ‘Courage’ or ‘Free’ make for cute pieces of jewelry, but the value of these pieces are worth so much more.

These pennies represent a new beginning. Traditionally, pennies are tossed to the side and considered “worthless”, which is sadly how most sex-traffic victims feel.

But, we all have so much value. The pennies are worn to remind us as such. It also provides jobs enabling women to break the cycle of abuse and exploitation. 

Instagram: @thesoteriainitiative

Soulcare in Surplus

Soulcare in Surplus, a brand sustainable in patters and community service

Jes Zaneis is just one of those good souls. It’s no surprise she left her lucrative corporate career to follow her passion. A passion that is ethically made, eco-friendly, and gives back generously to the military community.

Using salvaged military gear Jes helps tell the stories of those who served on our behalf. She skillfully patches together eco-friendly solutions and bridges the gap between Veterans and civilians.

Instagram: @soulcareinsurplus

Sisi Aduke

Jummy Salami, you can call her Sisi, is our newest entrepreneur, but you’d never guess she was new to the industry at all. This designer merges comfort and style in a vibrant Afro-fusion way that stuns.

Sisi Aduke is a brand committed to showcasing beauty and confidence in a woman through the use of vibrant prints, and trend-setting designs.

Instagram: @sisiaduke

Vintage by Misty

Sustainable fashion is secondhand. 
Vintage by Misty is a vintage boutique in Scottsdale Arizona

Secondhand shopping is at the heart of sustainable fashion, so we would be doing a disservice to the cause not to include this vintage gem. Walking into Vintage by Misty is like walking into the most chic time capsule. Store owner, and curator of spontaneous, colorful, eccentric fashion is Misty Guerriero.

This fashionista walks the walk and talks the talk! She is knowledgeable and passionate about vintage, and makes you feel like you are a part of a magical world from the moment you enter the boutique.

Instagram: @vintagebymisty

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