About Heidi Altree

Hi, I’m Heidi. Welcome!

Amare by Heidi has been an evolution of dreams. It started as a creative outlet and desire to share my passion for health and fitness with friends and family.

I wrote a modest blog titled, The Fit Frequent Flyer. For a few years that was enough, but eventually the joy I got from the blog inspired me to do more.

I started transitioning my vegetarian diet to a vegan lifestyle. I say lifestyle because my eyes were opened to ALL of the ways in which animals are sacrificed for the purpose of our food, cosmetics, cleaning products and wardrobe.

Before long I was educating myself on vegan alternatives, sustainability and green living. Which brings me to you.

I created Amare by Heidi as place ‘To Love’ the life we live. A place dedicated to all things sustainable for our health, career, environment and each other.

We only get one shot at this life, on this planet, in this body. So, why not approach it with Amare.