Best Natural Oils for All Your Curly Hair Woes!

Using the proper oil for natural hair can make a huge difference in how the hair looks and feels. You need to determine what your hair needs, or the results you’re seeking, before choosing an oil.

Different kinds of oils, their state of thickness, or stickiness alter its effect on your hair. For example, high viscous or heavy oils are better for hair that easily absorbs and holds moisture, while light or thin oils are good for hair follicles that are more resistant to retaining moisture (and they give the best shine).

Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy scalp or repair damaged locks these oil recommendations will make any hair woes disappear!

Scalp Issues: Black Seed Oil


Antibacterial, anti-psoriatic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory

What It Does:

The anti-fungal properties of Black Seed Oil are great for remedying flakiness, killing fungal infections, and relieving scalp sensitivity.

100% pure, unrefined, and cold-pressed Black Seed Oil is an incredibly nutritious medicinal oil derived from the black cumin plant. Because of the compounds found in this oil, it is perfect for regrowth, anti-aging and strength.

When Black Seed Oil is combined with oils like Coconut or Olive Oil, the healing benefits are intensified to help heal the scalp and hair. The concentrated medicinal characteristics of Black Seed Oil are therapeutic, while Coconut or Olive oils are nourishing and penetrable, helping aid the black seed oil into the hair follicle. 

Smooth and Moisturize: Argan Oil


Emollient, Anti-sebum, Anti-aging

What it Does:

Natural cold-pressed Argan Oil is perfect for moisturizing chronically dry curly hair or color and/or heat damaged hair. The diverse therapeutic properties of Argan Oil help with protecting the hair shaft from high manipulation styling.

If you want to prevent frizz and flyaways use Argan Oil as a hot oil treatment for smoother and more manageable results.

Define Curls, Seal Moisture and Add Shine: Shea Nut Oil


Conditioning, Volumizing, Water-binding

What It Does:

Looking for voluminous curls? Shea Nut Oil produces fullness and vitality, giving the appearance of more hair.

Additionally, the softness of the oil decreases frizz, which helps to define curls.

NOTE: Shea Oil is different from Shea Butter, as the oil is a byproduct of the butter before it has been filtered. The oil is preferred for hair because Shea butter is too heavy.

Grow and Strengthen: Jamaican Black Castor Oil


Circulatory, Antioxidant, Moisturizing

What It Does:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) strengthens and prevents breakage. It’s great for increasing blood circulation to the scalp due to its Ricinoleic Acid property, which is an oxygenated fatty acid that encourages hair growth.

The antioxidants in JBCO are also great for supporting keratin protein, which is the crucial structural material that makes your hair strong.

Honorable Mention: Hemp Seed Oil


UV protectant, Mineral-rich

What it Does:

Hemp seed oil for naturally curly hair has a combination of benefits similar to the previous oils mentioned, such as, strengthening, growth and moisturizing traits.

It contains 80% essential fatty acids, which makes it a good oil to mix with conditioners, creams and other oils. Hemp seed oil comes from the variety of cannabis sativa plants that do not contain THC. This beauty oil helps strengthen hair structure while softening.

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