EPA Announces Plan to End Animal Testing

Today the U.S Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to end toxicity testing on all mammals by 2035. This comes after almost 2 decades of collaboration with the animal rights group, PETA.

This a huge breakthrough for PETA and animal cruelty advocates everywhere!

But Why 2035?

If 2035 seems like a long way out, it is. Still, this announcement is a step in the right direction. The EPA has not always been a willing participant in said collaboration.

Last year PETA won its first victory towards ending animal testing when Congress passed the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act governing the EPA to reduce and replace chemical testing on animals.

But the EPA found loopholes and reasons to get around the new requirements, including a “frightening pre-prioritization scheme that would have allowed the agency to require extensive animal testing for any or all of the 85,000 chemicals already in commerce”.

In the end, the EPA conceded and agreed to reduce and replace testing on mammals, without implementing the pre-prioritization clause.

The Debate on Animal Testing

The fact is that more than 100 million animals are used in the United States to test the safety of all sorts of products from medications to makeup. We’ve all heard the term “lab rat”, but animals used for scientific and commercial testing also include rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, frogs birds, and more. (1)

Picture of cute hamsters.   Hamsters are also used for animal testing.

Proponents of the practice, sight the positive and life-saving treatments animal testing as contributed to for both human and animals, which is kind of true. At least it was before the introduction of more sophisticated science and technology.

Those against animal testing claim it is a cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, which is very true. Animals are subjected to toxic chemicals that cause burns to the skin. They are immobilized and tormented before finally meeting their imminent death. If you want to read more about the abuse you can do so here. NOTE: May not be suitable for all audiences.

Advancements in human cell and tissue therapy, computer-modeling techniques, and human trials are more humane and less expensive. Furthermore, these alternatives have been proven to be more effective and reliable than animal testing. Ending animal testing will in no way put human health at risk.

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The biggest obstacle in changing behavior is changing the status quo. Many labs just want to do what has always been done.

The battle is no won. If you feel passionate and want to help, please consider donating here.

(1) Peta.org – Experiments on Animals – Overview


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