I May Never Buy New Shoes Again – Here’s Why

It’s no wonder we women have a love affair with shoes. When the Prince slipped the glass slipper upon Cinderella’s foot, she was transformed from a dirty peasant girl to an eloquent princess.

The moment Dorothy put the ruby slippers upon her feet she was protected from the dangers of OZ. When Dorothy was ready to go home, she simply had to click her sparkly heels together three times and she was magically home surrounded by her family.

And of course, Carrie Bradshaw made us all fall in love with Manolo Blahnik’s as she glided effortlessly in her stilettos to meet Big in his black town car.

The first time I slid my foot into a pair of Louboutin shoes, I felt powerful, sexy and accomplished. On a side note, a year ago my puppy ate a pair of my Louboutin’s, and just like that, they were worthless.

Not unlike the department store, when I started shopping secondhand, I immediately gravitated towards the shoes. Once I started finding shoes in almost perfect-condition, and sometimes brand new, I was hooked.

Here are just a few examples of my secondhand finds.

The Floral Flats

Picture of Heidi wearing secondhand shoes under a color sign that reads WINE

I love these floral flats. They remind me of Ted Baker, but the brand is Caslon. My price from Clothes Mentor in Chandler, AZ – $18! Department store price – $90!


The Nude Strappy Sandal

Heidi wearing black jeans, a black cami and beige secondhand high heels.

I love a strappy nude heel. They go with anything, but I particularly like wearing them with black jeans for an elevated look. I also got these Sam Edelman shoes at Clothes Mentor for $24. The average retail price is $70 or above.

Sam Edelman Sandals

Jimmy Choo Score

Heidi wearing green sustainable designer dress Armour vert and secondhand shoes. Brand Jimmy Choo
Dress: Armour Vert
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

I couldn’t believe it when I saw these Jimmy Choo heels secondhand. They were practically new and fit like they were made for my feet! Bought for $85. Average retail price $700.

Jimmy Choo Pumps
Jimmy Choo

My First Ever Pair of Giorgio Armani

Heidi wearing secondhand outfit. Black red valentino dress and stunning Georgio Armani.
Dress: Red Valentino (used)
Shoes: Giorgio Armani

There are shoes and then there are pieces of art. These Giorgio Armani heels are art for the feet. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them. I was shocked when they were my size. By the time I left My Sister’s Closet in Scottsdale, I felt as though I was stealing.

I’ve never owned a pair of Giorgio Armani shoes before, and I may never take them off. I got these heels at My Sister’s Closet 50% sales for $117. They had never been worn, as proof by the sales sticker on the bottom. Original retail $1295!

Giorgio Armani

With finds like these, I can’t see myself ever buying a new pair of shoes. Heck, with finds like these…I won’t ever have to.

Where do you find the best secondhand shoes?

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