Leonard DiCaprio Named This Teenager, “A Leader of Our Time”

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week.  On a personal note, I am feeling so grateful and excited about everything that’s happening right now.  I just started a new job as Market Vice President for a Cloud Service Provider expanding into Phoenix.  I’ve been so busy and hardly had time to come up for air, but I’m loving every second of my new job. 

And of course, today concludes the first week of the podcast.  Many of you know this has been a dream of mine, and I’m so grateful to each and every one of you who liked, subscribed and shared the podcast this week.  This is just the beginning of great content to come.  I’m curious about what you’re curious about so please send me your questions, ideas, and comments. 

But enough about me!  It’s time to celebrate other people and companies doing great things and give them a big Friday High Five!

Beyond Meat Turns First Profit

Picture of Beyond Meat burger.  Company made Friday High Five list for turning a profit.
Picture courtesy Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Turns its First Profit. It seems like every day a new fast-food chain is announcing their new plant-based meal.  The Economist called 2019 the year of the Vegan, and plant-based manufacturers like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have been in a race to secure an exclusive partnership with these restaurants.  Last week, Beyond Meat reported its first quarterly profit exceeding analysts’ expectations.  Beyond Meat experienced a Net sales growth of 250%, which equates to $92 million with sales coming from restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway, and also from grocery store sales.  Beyond Meat gets a Friday High-Five for making plant-based alternatives not only more accessible but also so very tasty!

Leonardo DiCaprio Meets Greta Thunberg

Leonardo DiCaprio names environmentalist teenager, Greta Thunberg, "A leader of our time"

Our Next Friday High Five goes to Greta Thunberg.  Now when I was 16 the movie Titanic came out and I along with every other teenage girl in the world had fallen in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. To this day I have never met Leonardo DiCaprio.  Greta Thunberg, however, at age 16 recently met with the movie star and environmental activist.  Thunberg and DiCaprio share a mission to save the planet.  Leonardo called Greta, quote “a leader of our time.”  Wow, Greta.  Keep it up, girl!  High Five!!

Also See: Leonardo DiCaprio Donates $5 million to Amazon Rainforest

Eileen Fisher & Sustainable Fashion

Picture of beautiful woman wearing black Eileen Fisher cardigan.  Makes Friday high-five for sustainable fashion.
Picture: EileenFisher.com

Fashion Designer Eileen Fisher is hard at work to make her brand sustainable.  After learning about the environmental impact her supply chain was having on the environment, Eileen quickly got to work to roll out the Vision 2020 initiative. This means choosing more eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and linen, as well as, including more recycled fibers in the company’s designs.  She’s also pushing to end the seasonal need for new lines.  This is counter to the new 52 micro-seasons made popular by fast fashion.  It takes a remarkable amount of work and money to change such a huge supply chain like Eileen Fisher.  I commend her efforts and hope more brands follow suit.  High Five Eileen Fisher and Company!

Two Anchorage Women Open Unique New Store

Picture of refillable liquid dispensary at Spenard.  A store opened to reduce plastic waste and help the environment.
Picture Courtesy: Anchorage Daily News

I technically need 2 high-fives for this story because two Anchorage women are fed up and with all the trash the see polluting land and oceans, and they are taking action.  Jennifer Gorand and Jess Johnson are opening up Spenard, a store where customers can fill reusable containers with shampoo, soap and other liquids.  Way to go ladies! 

A quick plug for my Arizona friends.  We also have a similar store right here in the valley.  Check out Ecomended in Tempe.  I’m sure these stores are popping up all over the place. So, I recommend doing a quick google search and see where you too can get your liquid supplies refilled. 

Matthew McConaughey and BBQ for a Good Cause

Picture Courtesy: People

Our last, but certainly not least, big high-five to Matthew McConaughey.  He’s lending his time and apparently expert grilling services to first responders for the California fires.  He’s teamed up with Operation BBQ Relief and Wild Turkey Bourbon to prepare 800 turkey dinners for firefighters.  I might suggest Tofurkey next time, Matthew, but regardless, thank you for taking care of our first responders.  High-five to you, the volunteers and of course our LA firefighters. 

That rounds out our list for our Friday High-Five.  Make sure you tune in to the podcast next week. Podcast here! We are going to explore if sustainable fashion hurts the livelihood of garment workers in the countries making fast fashion. A complicated issue for sure, but Ayesha with Remake.world tackles the matter expertly.  It’s a great article and I’m excited to share it with you. 

We are also going to get personal close really fast and spend some time in the bathroom together.  We will look at how to transform your shower to low-waste as well as an eco-friendly way to wash your face!


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