New Podcast! “To Love The Life We Live”

I am a podcast fanatic! I’m obsessed and love them all. One of my favorite conversations to get into with people is about favorite podcasts, and depending on what I’m currently addicted to you the list will vary from true crime to spirituality.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce Amare’s new podcast, “To Love The Life We Live”.

This has been a dream for a long time, but it wasn’t until I launched Amare that I knew what I wanted to podcast about. I launched Amare back in March and aim to bring people into my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, and I try to provide a little something for everyone whether that’s green living, sustainable fashion, or plant-based eating.

I’m learning so much through this journey and discovering other authors who are much further down the sustainable living path than I am, and I want to share those authors and their wisdom with you!

So each Monday through Friday, I will read from my favorite articles about sustainability – with the approval of the authors of course. This way you get a small dose of sustainable news every day! And Fridays will be a little special. You’ll just have to tune in to find out why.

Launching November 4th!

Monday, November 4th is the big day, and I have a fun lineup of topics and authors to share. Podcast lineup for week one:

  • Monday, Nov. 4th : Why Shopping Local is Sustainable Shopping, with Laura Madden
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5th: Plastic-Free Frozen Fruit, with The Zero-Waste Chef
  • Wednesday, Nov. 6th: Keeping Fit and Living a Sustainable Lifestyle, with Anna the Apple
  • Thursday, Nov. 7th: 12-Shakes to Reduce Paper Towel Waste, Amare
  • Friday, November 8th : Friday High-Fives

Submit Your Voice Messages!

I want to hear from you! I’m curious about what you’re curious about. You can leave a voice message here! I will share your questions and comments on an upcoming episode.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts!


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