You Going to Want Opaline Hue Sweaters this Fall

Fashion design has always been in Maddi’s DNA. When Maddi was a teenage she would buy clothes from thrift stores and alter them to fit her. That resourcefulness became a passion to construct new designs and clothing. Now Maddi is launching Opaline Hue, a collection of simple, versatile and sustainable sweaters. Her pre-sale runs through April 12th.

We are excited to support Maddie and watch her business grow.

Name: Maddi

Start-up: Opaline Hue 

What inspires you: Hearing people’s hearts. People are so intricate and complex! When I have the privilege to hear someone share their story I am always grateful and inspired!

Describe your personal style:

Thrift store nurtured, comfort focused, versatile, neutrals and Clark’s boots! 

Favorite Podcast(s):

Akimbo, Conan Needs a Friend, Last Podcast on the Left

Guilty Pleasure:

Watching The Bachelor is a classic guilty pleasure. What I’m really guilty about is how much bachelor recap content I consume.

Sustainability in fashion is…

Hard to nail down. I believe it considers the whole supply chain, the business model, leadership -everything. The word sustain in itself is about considering the future and expecting future health. It touches all parts of a brand. 

Fashion Pet Peeve:

Combat boots with a zipper on the side. Women’s clothing with fake pockets. 

What does it mean to be an ethical entrepreneur?

Oh my gosh, I couldn’t say I know the answer to that. What I have been focusing on is ‘kindness’. It’s a more approachable goal for me within businesses. For example, kindness speaks to people in working conditions and their pay. Kindness also speaks to how I treat people when they’ve made a mistake at my expense. 

What do you want people to know about Opaline Hue?

Opaline Hue is a clothing brand made with simplicity and comfortable versatility to meet the needs of women making an impact. Our garments are made of a performance wool fabric and designed to fit all your daily occasions. We have a pre sale going live right now! We have limited quantity available and an opportunity to get 10% off your order. You can check out our site and garments here!

Maddi Kate



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