Stories We Love – March 17th

Five stories that caught our eye this week.

1. Fashion

Consumer Thirst Grows for ‘Sustainable Fashion’ Online. By, Kieran Mitchell

According to a Lyst, a global fashion search platform, online searches for sustainable fashion has increased by 66%.

Furthermore, Vegan fashion searches accounted for 9.3 Social Impressions!

Check out all the stats here!

2. Beauty

Manchester To Host First Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Show in UK. By, VeganFoodAndLiving

On March 16, 2019 the first vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics skincare show will take place in Manchester.

This is the first time non-toxic and environmentally friendly brands will have center stage.

Check out VeganFoodAndLiving for more details.

3. Nutrition

New York Public Schools to Have ‘Meatless Monday’ Starting this Fall. By, Doug Criss

For 16 years, the Meatless Monday campaign has been encouraging people to eat Vegetarian one day a week, Monday!

New York Public Schools are now swapping out the chicken nuggets for healthier, meatless, lunches.

4. Green Living

The Key Personality Trait Driving The Viral Trash-Pickup #trashtag Challenge. By, Christopher Rim

This new challenge was supposedly started on Reddit encouraging bored teams to take a before and after photo of an area in desperate need of trash pickup and what it looked like after the #trashtag challenge.

But, the challenge has gone viral and volunteers of all ages are doing their part.

Learn more about how you can volunteer for the challenge here.

5. Business

Compassionate Man Turns Old Tires Into Cozy Beds for Stay Cats & Dogs. By, Kelly Richman-Abdou

Here’s are heartwarming story about a man who loves his job! What does he do? He takes old tires and transforms them into adorable beds for stay dogs and cats.

Check out Amarildo Silva Filho compassionate art here.

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