Sustainability feels like a Warm Snuggle. Find out Why.

Happy Friday Sustainability Friends! I’m currently at our Sales Kickoff in Captiva Island off of Florida. For anyone who has been to a sales kickoff, you understand they are equal parts fun and obligation and combined a recipe for complete and utter exhaustion. For those of you who haven’t experienced a sales kickoff, I’d liken it to 3 days in Vegas. You are just as excited to leave as you were to arrive. In short, it’s not sustainable for health or sleep.

But, work is not going to stand in my way of handing out this week’s eco-fabulous high fives! Sustainability is trending my friends and this week we are appreciating everyone from young teen working to provide resources to the less fortunate to toy giant Mattel for embarking on a sustainability business roadmap of their own.

So without further ado! Let’s celebrate these ethical do-gooders.

School Closet Built For Under-Privileged Teens

Our first Friday high-five goes to a very special kiddo, Chase Neyland-Square. Chase is a 13-year old with a compassionate heart of gold. When Chase recognized some of his classmates were in need of everyday basics he decided to help.

The teen built a closet behind the school’s gym that is filled with clothes and school supplies. These items are there to provide for the kids less fortunate. We often make comments about kids being terrible to each other, or hear stories about bullying in school, but this young man is doing better. High-five Chase! You’re a special human.

Prince Charles Launches Sustainability Plan

Prince Charles speaking at World Economic Forum about sustainability plan.

Last week we gave a high-five to Microsoft for its carbon negative announcement at the World Economic Forum. Well, Microsoft wasn’t the only one talking about a climate negative future. Our next high-five goes to Prince Charles for speaking in front of our global industry leaders and calling for reallocation of capital. He’s asking that business practices be more responsible and sustainable.

He’s also launching the “Sustainable Markets Initiative” to connect leaders in public and private sectors in an effort to ensure a more carbon negative future.

Arizona’s Biggest Utility Company Plans to go Carbon Free

Today’s third high-five goes to a utility company right here in my backyard. APS (Arizona Public Service) is the largest utility company in Arizona. It was only a couple of years ago the utility giant spent millions of dollars to fight against the renewable energy ballot initiative. But they are singing a different tune now, pledging to “want itself entirely off fossil fuels by 2050”. Furthermore they announced their immediate goal to get two-thirds of it’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030. It’s never too late to do the right thing. High-five APS.

Snuggle Coats is bringing fur back … to the animals!

Cute picture of baby wombat in recycled fur from Sunggle Coats.

Here’s a warm and fuzzy high-five for you all. An Australia based company, appropriately named Snuggle Coats, is taking our unwanted fur coats and accessories and donating them to wildlife rescues to comfort the animals in their care.

Animal fur a terrible, cruel, and inhumane business. And one that is rapidly getting banned across the globe. While it saddens me that fur was ever a fashion statement, I’m glad that we can turn what once was into a a warm and nurturing benefit for the animals. You must go to, where I found this story, to see the ridiculously cute pictures of baby animals being comforted by Snuggle Coats. It’s just the cutest thing ever! High five Snuggle Coats.

Mattel Launches Bio-Based Plastic Toys

Picture of Mattel's new toys made out of bio-based plastic - part of their sustainability practice.

Our fifth and final high-five goes to toy maker conglomerate Mattel. The company announced they will be making their popular pre-school building sets out of bio-based sustainable plastics.

Mattels’ Chief Brand Officer, Richard Dickson, stated, “Environmental sustainability is a corporate priority and we are proud to announce Mega’s first product made from bio-based materials”.

In addition, the packaging is 100% recycled. Great job leading the toy industry in a sustainability practice, Mattel. High-five!

Want to hear our Friday high-fives? Check out the pod To Love The Life We Live!


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