Top 4 Tips to Find Thrifting Gems!

Shopping at thrift stores can be incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming.  Between the disorder and how much there is, it’s understandable why some avoid it altogether.  

Over the years I’ve created a few rules to make the process easier and almost guarantee you’ll find a gem!  Below are the tips I always follow to streamline thrifting adventures.  I’ve also included my recent thrift store scores!

Thrifting Rule #1: Don’t Only Browse in Your Size

Thrift store shopping is very different than at department store shopping. First, they are staffed differently, and items are not always returned to the right spot. Second, they aren’t limited to carrying one brand over another. They get what they get, and all brands size a little bit differently. Last, clothes are pre-owned and not everyone is as OCD as me when it comes to caring for their clothes.  I use 4 different detergents!  My point being, sometimes things shrink a size.

Score: I used that rule to find this dress.  It’s a small but was in the wrong size section. This dress is by Amuse Society and they come out with the same style every year, just in different patterns.  It’s a classic boho style, and I plan on styling it with a belt to give shape at the waist, and white boots!

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Thrifting Rule #2: Start with Grey Sweaters

When I enter Goodwill,  I beeline it straight to the sweaters. Specifically, grey sweaters, every time.  Not only is grey a favorite color of mine, but clearly many people share in my admiration for grey. The grey sweater section is full with tons of variety.  

White and black are other favorites, but black fades faster and white can be discolored.  If the clock is ticking and I can’t browse the whole arsenal of sweaters, grey is the only color I’ll shop!

Score: This perfect Tahari 100% Cashmere cardigan was the first thing I touched.  It’s a medium but fits like an XS/S and is in spectacular condition.  No styling tips needed for this one, it goes with everything!

Thrifting Rule #3: Shop Dresses for Quick & Easy Finds

Dresses are the second section I shop in.  It’s pretty easy to flip through and figure out if something will fit, especially with so many dresses having versatile cuts. And dresses are easy to alter the fitting. For example, if it’s a little big, add a belt.  Or if it’s a little short, wear it with a great pair of leggings.

Thrifting Rule #4: Skim the Books

Although I didn’t mention any books in this haul, thrift stores are great places to find books. Even current titles!  Usually 3-6 months after the release date, the latest books trickle into Goodwill.  I’d recommend having a list of books you want to read in your phone or set up a Goodreads account. Just be sure to take a couple of minutes to skim the section for titles from your list.

I hope you find these rules helpful for your next thrifting adventure or encourage you to take up thrifting!  Do you have any golden rules for thrifting?  Leave a comment below!

Article by Rachel Gheen

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