Stories We Love – Feb. 2

Stories that caught our eyes this week.

1. Fashion

Paris is Aiming to be the First Sustainable Fashion Capital of the World, By Amy de Klerk

News story about Paris Fashion Capital

This week, Paris laid out a 5-year plan called, “Paris Good Fashion” with the intent on becoming the most sustainable fashion capital.

To accomplish this, Paris is proposing a three-pronged approach: improving sourcing, improving the making the process of design to consumer more sustainable, and finally, creating a circular economy.

Check out Amy’s article to learn more, and while you’re there, hop over to her related article, Council of Fashion Designers of America Sustainability Initiative.

2. Beauty

Birchbox Releases a Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Stories we love about beauty

Attention all subscription box lovers! Birchbox is releasing a vegan and cruelty-free beauty box for a limited time.

Learn more and see what’s included here.

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3. Nutrition

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Meals at Fast Food Chains, By Samantha Cassetty, RD

You know the demand for vegetarian and vegan options are on the rise when even fast food chains jumping on board.

Finding quick vegetarian or vegan meals is a challenge. Samantha offers a good list of vegetarian/vegan meals at common chain restaurants, including my favorite, Chipotle. The sofritas are to die for!

4. Green Living

Low-Maintenance Plants that can Purify the Air in Your Home, Office, By Chaffin Mitchell

News to love about plants

I’m lucky to have a husband wit a green thumb, because thanks to him we have beautiful green plants throughout our home.

I enjoy having plants around the house. They are a beautiful addition to any room, but did you know they are also purifying the air as well? Author, Chaffin Mitchell, recommends the best house plants based on their unique health benefits. She even includes instructions on how to care for them. Which plant will you be adding to your favorite room?

5. Global

This Gorgeous Leather is Made Out of Pineapple Waste, By Adele Peters

This article is NOT new news this week. It was actually published back in 2016, but it’s new to me! And, too cool not to share.

Adele Peters, writer for FastCompany, introduces us to Piñatex, a pineapple-based leather alternative. This is a huge development in non-animal skin leathers. Not only are animal lives spared, but Piñatex offers several advantages to the environment as a whole. In fact, “… [they] are actually taking a waste material and ‘upscaling’ it”.

Head over to FastCompany and read about the 65-year-old’s bringing Pineapple Leather to the fashion industry.

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