Change Your Life With A Personal Manifesto

Are you hoping and wishing for a different life but aren’t seeing results? Are you working towards a huge life change but are wary about the outcome? Have you heard the universe will give you exactly what you ask for, and you’re ready to test that theory?

These are all good reasons to sit down and write a personal manifesto. Consider it your “Wish List” for the universe. Here are 5 steps to create a quick, easy, and life-altering manifesto.

1. Get Real About What You Want

The very first step in manifesting anything, is to get really freakin’ clear about what you want, why you want it, and believe you deserve it! The universe doesn’t respond well to ‘ho-hums’, ‘I dunno’s’, or ‘maybe, I guess’ type of thinking. In fact, if you’re thinking like that, you’re likely to be stuck in the same ho-hum state you’re trying to get out of!

Take a moment to visualize what life will look like when you achieve your goals.  How will it feel to have that life? Visualize every detail from the color of the car you drive to the impressive job title you’re seeking. 

Get into what if feels like to drive your bright red sports car to work and park in your designated VP parking spot. Are you excited?  You should be because that’s AWESOME!  The more specific you can get in your vision, and the more you feel it, the quicker it will come to you. 

2. Brainstorm and Feel All the Feels

So, you have your future life detailed in your mind, right?   You can see it crystal clear, yes?  Good, let’s go deeper.  Find a quiet place free from interruptions. You’re going to be writing, a lot, so pull out your journal, or several pieces of paper, and in a steady flow of consciousness start finishing these three sentences. 

“I believe…” 

Think of these as positive affirmations, like:

  • I believe I am worthy of success and wealth.
  • I believe I have something unique and valuable to offer. 
  • I believe there is someone special out there for me.  

Make the beliefs strong and specific, and make sure you feel really good as you write them down. If you write something down and feel a hint of doubt; write it again. Write it over and over until you start to believe it’s true.

The feeling around each affirmation is as important, if not more important than, the affirmation itself. For example, if you write “I believe I will make $150,000 this year,” but your head is saying, “Pfft! That’s never going to happen!” Guess what, it’s probably never going to happen. The negative feeling around money is too great and trumps the affirmation.

Get gritty with the details.  Are you searching for love?  Does he wear boxers or briefs?  What’s her favorite comfort food?  What do you love to do as a couple?

Remember the opening scene of The Simpson’s?  Bart is forced to write his wrong-doings on the blackboard over and over again to drill the message into his brain, i.e. “I will not skateboard in the halls”.   Well, Bart always found new trouble to get into, but the show would be boring without his shenanigans. 

In real life the method does work when trying to rewire your thinking.  Sometimes the negative voice in our head so stubborn it needs the counter affirmation repeated over and over until we find those good vibes.  “I will not let negative self-talk own me!”

I want…”

Quite simply, these are the things you want.  When you visualize the life you are going to have, what’s in it?   Do you have a large group of friends that meet for happy hour ever Friday?  Are you traveling the world without a care as to how to fund it?  What do you desire?

  • I want to be financially independent.
  • I want to open my own bakery and sell my pies to Cher.
  • I want an Alpaca farm. 

Write down all the “I wants” you can think of, believe you deserve them, and gosh darn it – feel how good it is to have them!  I mean, come on, those Alpaca are so stinking’ cute!

And finally, “I know the following to be true…”

These are either things you’ve learned through experience or faith-based truths.  Keep these positive.  Negative past experiences or lessons have no business here! 

  • I know if I work hard; I will be successful.
  • I know the universe has my back.
  • I know with God I can accomplish anything.
  • I know I have my family’s support in anything I do.

3. Start Creating

Now for the fun part!  By now you should be vibrating at a high frequency of excitement and creativity.  If you took the time to get intimate with the exercise above your beliefs, wants and truths should be overflowing on the pages.  That’s great!  It’s time to get those words working for you.  A visual personal manifesto will help recall your asks with just a glance. Think of it as a vision board of words – your words!  Your future!

Lululemons visual manifesto
Personal Manifesto from lululemon

A great example is lululemon’s manifesto. The format is visually appealing, motivating, and precise.  If this format doesn’t inspire you, another option is a written personal manifesto or traditional vision board.  Make it work for you.

Choose phrases from your Believe, Want and Know lists and put them on a page.  You can also use online tools like Canva or WordArt to help organize your manifesto.  Include words, phrases, and images that inspire and elicit good vibes.  Some common ones are: love, success, dream, etc. 

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Example of WordArt Dashboard
Use WordArt for Visual Personal Manifesto

4. Rest, Return and Revise

Don’t worry about making the manifesto perfect at first-go. In fact, when you think it’s complete, or close to complete, walk away. I recommend waiting 24 hours before coming back to your manifesto.

When you return, does it promote the feelings and imagery you were hoping for, or are there still words or phrases that feel icky or unnatural.  With fresh eyes this is the time to make tweaks and revisions.

5. Live it!

So now what?  You’ve visualized exactly what you want. You feel warm and fuzzy about the life you are creating, and you have a beautiful personal manifesto to show for it. Do you wake up the next day and Voilà your new life is ready for the living?  NO!  Of course not! 

You just took the first step in creating your future.  You should be feeling amazing about what’s in store and expect your manifesto to come to fruition, but you also have to put in some actual work.

Think of your dreams as the plane and the personal manifesto as clearing the runway.  You still have to operate the plane and land it safely at its destination, but you’ve cleared the runway of any mental obstacles and illuminated the path.  The universe is the control tower guiding you home. 

Continue thinking about the life you are creating and work towards achieving it. When you start to feel unsure, which we all do, go and look at your manifesto.  Get yourself back into that place that feels good. Before you know it, you will start seeing your manifesto become reality.

Extra Credit

A great way to generate good vibrations is to enlist good vibrations from others!  Share your personal manifesto with friends and family, and if you’re feeling brave share your manifesto on Instagram with the #amaremymanifesto and reap the benefits of positive support and communal vibrations! 


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